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Topland Construction

Our home construction process makes it simple to build your renovations or extension with us with a clear idea of costs

Initial Consultation

Step 1:

The first step is to meet with you and discuss the goals for your renovation.

Focusing on the desired result alone does not necessarily deliver you the most appropriate and cost-effective solution. We meet with you face to face to discover the background that has brought you to this point of considering a renovation. Getting to know you and the reasons behind your decision to renovate are key to meeting your needs, within your budget.

Step 2:

One of the biggest fears people have is the unknown. And simply put, “we don’t know what we don’t know” but we can work towards understanding the true potential cost of your house renovations or extension.

Happy builder and young couple communicating while using computer at construction site.

By understanding the true scope of what you’re about to undertake and identifying potential hurdles along the way we can mitigate, as best as possible, any costly variations that may stall your project. At this stage we enter into a preliminary agreement with you. Now you can ‘dive into the detail’ and get specific on your selections and finishes. This step authorises us to execute on any pre-build scheduling requirements. We engage our designers to further analyse the feasibility of your vision by drafting up concept drawings based off our discovery meetings. Your concept drawings help you to visualise what you imagine; this is the time to make changes.

From here we can estimate the project cost. This assists you to make decisions on what and where to spend your money. For most of us, unless you are ‘cashed up’, borrowing against the current value of your home is a practical way of financing your project. To do this you’ll need a valuation before you speak to your bank or other mortgage lender. This requires detailed drawings of your proposal for a valuer to produce an accurate valuation of the finished product. Creating a detailed budget with achievable milestones not only assists with financing your project but gives our partnership a way to monitor progress and stay on track.

Designers discuss the sketches inside the house.

Step 3:

Most people think that going to council is costly and time consuming. And, let’s be honest, it can be, but it really isn’t that daunting a process.

By doing our homework properly we make sure it is not more expensive and time consuming than it needs to. This phase will further validate your design and build; this confirms the required design and structural specifications that need to be met in order to gain compliance once you have completed your renovation.

This is where we produce working drawings and make council submissions. The better the due diligence the quicker and more affordable the process of presenting to your local council becomes…now the consent process begins.

Step 4:
The dotted line...

Don’t be left in the dark! Shine a light on the agreed scope of work and let’s keep each other honest.

Mature couple signing financial contract at the bank

The proposal is a comprehensive document detailing all your chosen specifications and selections incorporated into it. Inclusions and exclusions are clear to see and written in plain English. This is your chance to make sure everything you require has been included and you are satisfied with the estimate before pushing the go button on your building contract.

The building contract is now drafted for your consideration. This document is another comprehensive document however, it has all the legal jargon necessary to satisfy our obligations to you. We recommend our clients get the appropriate independent advice they require and understand these documents before signing.

Site Manager working outdoors

Step 5:
Build Time!

Co-ordinating trades and building suppliers can be a real headache if you’re not “in the know”. That’s why expert building project management is a must.

This is where your assigned residential renovation Project Manager comes into play, overseeing all trades and suppliers, so you don’t have to. We ensure your project runs to schedule and we’ll keep you informed on any upcoming decisions or changes that need to be made throughout the build. All areas of the build, especially supervising a wide variety of trades, are monitored closely to ensure there are no significant interruptions that could result in costly mistakes or variations that may otherwise be avoided.

Step 6:
Home Sweet Home

Time to wrap things up and enjoy your newly renovated home.

couple with keys to their new home

We’re so close to completion and we know you’ll be ecstatic to move back in and enjoy the fruits of your labour. We just need to complete all the Council documents and furnish you with the Code of Compliance documentation, warranties and maintenance schedule.
Your house is now complete! It’s now time for you to move in relax and enjoy your “Future Proofed Home” we will keep in regular contact to make sure you are satisfied with your newly renovated home and that you are 100% satisfied with the results. Congratulations!

Time for your family to enjoy your new home.

What happens if things go wrong?

Sometimes you hear the horror stories about building projects that go wrong and the arguments that end up happening between homeowner and builder.

At Topland Construction we simply don’t let this happen.

As of Wellington’s leading home construction companies, we put procedures in place to minimise the chances of issues developing and snowballing into real problems.

We strive for perfection.  Anything less, we’ll put our hand up, take responsibility and quite simply, just get it sorted!

That’s the Topland way of doing things. Read our testimonials to see what our clients think we are Wellington’s home renovation experts.

Family at home relaxing on carpet

What are you waiting for?

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